The New You ... It'll Do


The New You ... It'll Do

Erin Breen loves singing karaoke. It’s her *thing*. Here she is, singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” at her wedding.


Two years ago, Erin gave birth and something completely unexpected happened: her voice changed. And she lost her ability to sing. (Is this a thing? Do you have suggestions for Erin? Leave them in the comments below.)

Listen to this episode to find out what this identity change means to Erin. Plus, Jane Marie returns to talk about postpartum body changes, and how you’re supposed to feel like YOU when those changes don’t change back.

In her job as beauty editor at Millihelen, Jane is on a mission to make all women feel good in their bodies. For her, after becoming a mom, that meant figuring out what clothes made her feel good … or good enough.

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

Old Jane wore tight, waist-cinching stuff

New Jane dresses like a hippie

New Jane dresses like a hippie

To make herself feel more like herself in labor, Jane got a French manicure and eyelash extensions.


But that’s Jane. We’ve all got different ways of feeling like ourselves. And different ways we’ve changed.

How did YOU change after becoming a parent?
And I don’t just mean physically. And I don’t just mean moms. Or people who have given birth. Tell us what hasn’t gone back. And what you’ve done about it.

Photo of Erin: Devon John; photo of Jane with beer: Michael Cohen

142 thoughts on “EPISODE #56: The New You … It’ll Do

  1. I would love to invite Erin to the UPMC Voice Center. It’s at Mercy Hospital in uptown, and it’s a top notch, world-renowned voice center, right in her ‘hood. (I know, who knew?!) My name is Leah Helou and I’m one of the voice pathologists there. Call up and ask to see one of our ENTs. They’ll do a full voice exam, with a speech-language pathologist, and then get you on the path to karaoke. Don’t stop believin’, indeed!

  2. Hi Erin and all of the other moms who have mentioned voice change following pregnancy:
    There is an entire sub-specialty of Ear Nose and Throat physicians called Laryngologists who specialize in voice. The same for speech-language pathologists. Erin, you are in a great place- Pittsburgh has a top voice team of Laryngologist and Voice Pathologists at the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center. I know because I am a mom and also work at the voice center! We would love to see you and help you recover your voice and your old you!
    For everyone else, I would recommend not going to a regular ENT, but specifically seek out a practice that specializes exclusively in voice – and one with a team of laryngologists and speech pathologists together- for the best care. Good Luck!

  3. It was so appropriate that I listened to this show today…as I sit in my office at work wearing pants from before baby 2 sizes smaller than I currently am. But I really wanted to wear pants today and told myself I would be able to squeeze into them if I just wore a baggier shirt that would cover my belly fat being pushed out of them LOL. And so I sit here, pants totally unbuttoned and zipper down. Gladly I have my own office so I can do this. But definitely not wearing them again. Just not sure I’m ready to throw them out yet. I still have hope? :D

    1. Your comment just made me laugh because I think we’ve all done that. It took me awhile to finally get rid of clothes from pre-baby that I accepted I will no longer be able to fit into. I think eventually they “might” fit, but I feel so much better wearing clothes that do fit and I feel good in!
      In my opinion keep them for now but if in a year they just make you feel bummed because you still don’t fit in them, take them to Goodwill!

  4. I love Jane. She reminds me so much of my Aunt Laura: pragmatic, totally inspiring, and classy as hell. Definitely going to check out her blogs.

  5. I really appreciated Janes segment about not trying to return to your pre baby weight! I only just had my baby 7 weeks ago, but I’ve been struggling with my new body shape and also just today I tried on a pair of my old skinny jeans….ummm…yeah, not happenin ;)
    I guess I hadn’t put much thought before as to how my body would change after giving birth, but now I have more inspiration to embrace it – I even think I will donate my pre baby clothes because my family and I are soon moving to Cambodia and that will just cut down on the luggage and I can buy new clothes once we get there. :)

  6. This was such a wake-up call for me. I tried on my pants just yesterday, the baggy ones before I was pregnant, and low and behold they were tight, REAL tight. I didn’t focus on the fact they were ugly even when I had my pre-pregnancy body. I am throwing them out and going for the “new Jane dresses like a hippie” look… and I am EXCITED.

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