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Below you’ll find all four episodes from the series, as well as links to related blog posts with recommended reading (and vibrators). If you want to see pictures from the stories and join some amazingly deep conversations about all aspects of sex & parenthood, click the FULL POST links below each audio player.

We are pleased to announce that we won a Silver Award in the Health category from the New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs for this series.

Part 1 (Jan 21): The Parents’ Guide to Doing It
Dan Savage (Savage LoveCast) and Jane Marie (This American Life, Millihelen) join us with some NSFW sex advice for parents. Actually, there’s some pretty amazing actionable advice in here for any human with a sex life.

Trouble in the sack after having kids? What’s worked? What hasn’t? Tell us in the full post for this episode.

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Part 2 (Feb 4): Healing After Childbirth
Injuries in childbirth can make sex painful for months. Or years. Or forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, we find out how.

Got a hurtin’ pelvis? Found help? Too scared to even try? Talk to others like you in the full post for this episode.

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Part 3 (Feb 18): Mom, It’s Time We Had the Talk
An 8-year-old forces the sex talk on his mom. All. Day. Long.

How have you answered YOUR kids’ questions about the birds and the bees? Was it funny? Awkward? Bonding? We want details. Parents are comparing notes—over in the full post for this episode.

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Part 4 (March 4): Real Teens, Fake Babies
Two teens, two robot babies. Lessons learned in premarital sex and parenthood. A collaboration with This American Life!

Did you carry around an egg or flour sack in high school? Or maybe even a robotic baby? Did it change your thoughts on sex and parenthood? We wanna hear all about it. Join the conversation in the full post for this episode.

Ask a Pelvic Floor PT Anything
Host Hillary Frank and pelvic floor physical therapist Debra Goldman discuss the ins and outs of pelvic pain. Find out why you still hurt months or years after childbirth, and what you can do about it. Debra brought lots of props, so you can really see what’s going in there. Streamed live Tuesday, February 10 at 2pm ET. Now archived. NSFW. Watch below!

Salon says we’re one of 7 “feminist podcasts that are way, way sexier than Serial.” Find the full article, with the other 6 podcasts, feminist podcasts that are way, way sexier than Serial.”

The Takeaway brings you a sneak peek into why we’re doing this series, and why you don’t need to give up on getting it on.

15 thoughts on “Sex & Parenthood Series!

  1. Thank you for this, and for discussing Pelvic Floor PT! I’ve spread the word about both your podcast and the PT to many friends. I feel like my eyes have been opened wide regarding our lack of knowledge when it comes to women’s health issues. As someone who had pain during sex, well after the six week “all clear” was given, I felt lucky that my husband and I worked to figure it out and didn’t cling to a single definition of what was “sex” for us. Even now, with two year old who loves to wake up just as things are getting interesting, we are learning to redefine our intimacy.
    I truly appreciated the frankness of all the discussions as well as the depth of the material. I’m about to give birth again in (give or take) two months and it feels good to know that I’m not unusual, that issues may arise and that yes, they are probably fixable. Thank you!

  2. FYI having more kids doesn’t mean a more difficult time. I’ve got 3 and found it’s gotten easier with each one (in every way, not just sex). Now, they all go upstairs and play together and we find time for quickies on a weekly basis while they’re keeping each other occupied. We also co-slept with our infants which didn’t harm our sex life. With 3 vaginal births with stitches each time, we didn’t even think penetration for 12 weeks, but made time for each other in alternative ways and in alternative locations. After 12 weeks, we’d put our kids down in cribs at the beginning of the night, have our fun, and bring them to bed when they first woke and then all sleep soundly and happily together.

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