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Your Weird Parenting Win!

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Your Weird Parenting Win!

The books don’t work, right?
Remember that time when you couldn’t get your kid to go to sleep or use the potty or stop freaking out? And then you went digging through your parenting books, and none of the answers worked? Oh yeah, was that every time?

Well, maybe there was also that time when nothing was working … and in your sleep-deprived despair, you tried something spontaneous and bizarre. And against all odds, it worked.

What’s YOUR #WeirdParentingWin? (Yeah, use it as a hashtag.)
We’re collecting these for an LST project. They can be on any topic, with any age kid. Tell us yours in the comments, and you could wind up on the show!

Here are some examples.
See those kids up above with the garbage bags tied around their necks? That was a stop-gap measure for twins throwing up at the airport. (Hear their story in episode 76.)

One mom wrote in and told us: “My husband found that if he made a loud, snorting sound like an obnoxious pig close to her head, she would instantly stop crying, at least for a moment. It seemed like a primal reflex: ‘I have to be quiet now because there is a big weird something right there.'”

And here are some of our faves from Twitter:

Tell us yours now! And ask you parents, too.
You might be surprised to hear what worked on YOU when you were a kid.

127 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Weird Parenting Win!

  1. We were trying not to bribe our daughter as we were potty training her so instead of m&ms or other treats every time she peed, we would light a candle and then she would have to blow it out. She would get to blow out two candles if she pooped. We have basically created a pyromaniac but she loves using the potty. #Weirdparentingwin

  2. Our 10 month old wants to eat what we eat and isn’t always interested in the chopped up baby versions we make for him. My partner figured out that if you put the baby bite sized pieces on the food he sees us eat he will go for it. Last night I grated apples and put them on top of an apple slice, we used the slices like a spoon and was all about the grated apple, of course if I put the grated apple directly on his tray he lost interest completely

  3. My husband totaled our only working vehicle and I commute to work, so we had to get on purchasing a new one right away. During out three day shopping experience dragging our 11 month old twins to dealerships and in and out of cars that we test drove, we came up with a new parenting tool/phrase: “the crouton moment.” Out at lunch that day, I snagged a couple of extra croutons from the salad bar to use as a snack for the twins later in the day. They came in handy when the two of them got fussy and needed something crunchy and fun to keep them occupied for a bit. The next day, I brought tortilla chips for the same reason, but that moment when the kids get fussy and a crunchy snack will fix it will forever be called a “Crouton Moment” in our family, regardless of the crunchy snack on hand. :)

  4. We spoil our kids rotten with high-fives and gummy vitamins! The night prior to trash day, we ask the kids to collect the trash around the house and each bag is worth some ‘high-fives’ by mom or dad. Tonight, my 5 year old son excitedly proclaimed that the smelly diaper trash was worth 10 high fives! That stinky trash is probably worth 20….. #weirdparentingwin
    Gummy vitamins somehow got construed as a ‘special reward’ by our kids a number of years ago….and we just rolled with it. Little did/do they know that we’d give it to them anyways…..#putyourtoysawayornovitamin #weirdparentingwin

  5. We watched a social media video about why Dutch kids are so happy, and they eat chocolate sprinkles on toast for breakfast. So, why not? We’re now adding chocolate sprinkles to yogurt, mashed potatoes… just a bit of chocolate sprinkles “makes the medicine go down” as Mary Poppins would say!

  6. One day while eating couscous I decided to use a pan scraper on my kids highchair to corral all the the tiny bits of food on her tray. I may be a little obsessive about food waste but it worked like a charm. Fed her directly from the pan scraper and less mess left on the tray.

  7. My son always hated having his nails cut. When he was 8 or 9 months old, we discovered that my husband could distract him and hold his attention with a very dramatic and drawn out fake sneeze, allowing me to trim his nails. The fake sneeze became part of our regular routine until shortly after he turned 1, when he wised up and we had to switch to an Elmo video.

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