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Tell Us Your Weird Parenting Win!

UPDATE: We are turning your Weird Parenting Wins into a book! Rather than commenting below, please submit your wins using this form. We also have a flyer you can download, print, and hand out to parents if you’re a teacher, librarian, or run a parenting support group!

The books don’t work, right?
Remember that time when you couldn’t get your kid to go to sleep or use the potty or stop freaking out? And then you went digging through your parenting books, and none of the answers worked? Oh yeah, was that every time?

Well, maybe there was also that time when nothing was working … and in your sleep-deprived despair, you tried something spontaneous and bizarre. And against all odds, it worked.

What’s YOUR #WeirdParentingWin? (Yeah, use it as a hashtag.)
We’re collecting these for an LST book. They can be on any topic, with any age kid.

Here are some examples.
See those kids up above with the garbage bags tied around their necks? That was a stop-gap measure for twins throwing up at the airport. (Hear their story in episode 76.)

One mom wrote in and told us: “My husband found that if he made a loud, snorting sound like an obnoxious pig close to her head, she would instantly stop crying, at least for a moment. It seemed like a primal reflex: ‘I have to be quiet now because there is a big weird something right there.'”

And here are some of our faves from Twitter:

Toddler had to pee, no bathroom in sight. Told him if he peed the snow would turn yellow. He happily went right away. #weirdparentingwin

— Jackie Semmens (@Jdsemm) April 19, 2016

@longestshortest I taught my kid to say "code brown" when he had to poop. It was an immediate success.

— kelli gleiner (@kelligleiner) March 30, 2016

.@longestshortest 4 year old and 2 year old fighting over TV. I turn on HGTV. Everyone is happy. #weirdparentingwin

— Andrew Knott (@aknott21) April 19, 2016

Tell us yours now! And ask you parents, too.
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