The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #7: Nurse, Get the Handcuffs

Thirty-four years after having me, my mom breaks down for the first time over not being able to breastfeed me.

How Were You Fed?

Here’s what I knew about myself as a newborn before I became a mom: I weighed four-and-a-half pounds (though I wasn’t a preemie); my parents took me from the hospital against doctors’ orders, before I had gained the required amount of weight to leave; and I had shockingly orange hair (I come from two brunettes). […]

EPISODE #6: Endangered Sea Turtle, Yum

A vegetarian of 22 years decides that the way to fix her son’s umbilical hernia is to start eating meat.

Daughters Have Longest Shortest Times Too

A sigh of relief. But more relief needed.

Show Us Your Charts!

You kept charts when your baby was first born. I know you did. Post yours in the new LST flickr pool!

EPISODE #5: Kittens Can Do It, so Why Can’t We?

A mom who finds breastfeeding stressful discovers that a machine helps her feel closer to her son.