The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #13: Making Noise to Prevent More Noise

A toddler sniffs all of his Christmas presents before opening them and his mom realizes something is really wrong. What Tourette’s, OCD, and ADHD look like in a young child.


These days I find myself saying “no” and “c’mon, let’s hurry up” more often than I’d like, so today I thought I’d try an experiment. We had no plans whatsoever, and I decided to try my best to allow Sasha to dictate our morning and to say “yes” as much as possible. Before breakfast was […]

How LST Was Born

We tell a lot of birth stories here at LST. I’ve talked a bit about how I got the idea to produce this podcast but I’ve never written here about how I started it, or how episodes get made. But now you can find out at How Sound. How Sound is a podcast produced by […]

Honey, Let’s Get Emotionally Intelligent

We get submissions about all kinds of parenting struggles here at LST HQ. Sometimes I’ll get a suggestion for an interview that sounds interesting and universal but for one reason or another I don’t feel comfortable tackling that issue in the podcast. One of those topics is the marital stress that comes with having a […]