The Longest Shortest Time

Tumblr from Our Facebook Group on Australian Morning TV!

Sara Neal Given’s awesome Tumblr It’s Like They Know Us, with funny quotes about perfect-looking parental stock photos, talks about how she got the idea from a thread on our Facebook group for moms.

Call for Audio: What Does Your Pump Say to You?

Does your pump talk to you? Follow these simple instructions and you + your pump could wind up on our next show!

Jessica and I Talk Doctors as Patients on Brian Lehrer

Pediatrician Jessica Franklin, from Ep #38, and I talk about how motherhood made her a patient for the first time.

PODCAST #39: Owner of a Holey Heart

A baby gets two holes in his heart and a Mormon stranger comes to the rescue, believing she is doing something illegal.

Spark Cards: Round 2

Turn strangers into friends with our ice-breaking Spark Cards! Order them for FREE here.

Watching Other Kids Get Injured

Sasha watches a kid knock her tooth out at the same playground where she broke her leg. And like last time, she draws about it.

Nieman Storyboard Features Us!

Nieman says we’re a leader in the current podcasting comeback.

Parents Features Me as a Parent They “<3"

Parents magazine talks to me about why I started the show.