The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary’s on Tape!

Listen to Mickey Capper’s interview with Hillary on Tape, and find out how a cadaver dissection, a pay phone, and a boombox all led to her first conversation with Ira Glass. Plus, her hatred of small talk.

EPISODE #46: Music Together-ish

Four years ago, we aired our very first episode, about a baby who hated lullabies. Today we hear from that baby. As a teenager. And he sings!

We’re in Mutha!

Check out Meg Lemke’s interview in Mutha with Hillary on why she started LST, parental judging, and our natural birth series.

EPISODE #45: Love Yurts

A marriage; a miscarriage. A divorce; a guy who looks (and smells) like a caveman. All in this epic love story.