The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #46: Music Together-ish

Four years ago, Music Together teacher Anne Sailer told me the story that made me start this podcast. It was about her son Jacob, and how when he was a baby he hated when she’d sing lullabies. Like, they’d send him into a frenzy. Then, when Anne would sing to his little sister he’d shout to her from his room, “Your singing really interferes with my going-to-sleep process!”

Jacob when his mom's singing annoyed him

Jacob when his mom’s singing annoyed him

Jacob now

Jacob now

Now Jacob is a teenager and he’s known at school for singing all day long, even through his teachers’ lectures. So I went to find out his side of the story. I especially wanted to know what the deal was with the rockstar solo he pulled out at a concert in middle school. The one that his mom knew nothing about. Until, of course, she saw him belting it in front of everyone.

I don’t want to give away too much. Just listen.

11 Songs You Should Play for Your Children Before They Turn 5
Jacob says he doesn’t love his mom’s taste in music, but when I asked him to make a playlist for us last year, he wound up picking mostly stuff from our generation, not his. So chances are, you’re gonna like his picks. Just grab your kiddos, have a listen, and rock out!

How have YOUR kids surprised you?
Tell all. In the comments.

Photo of young Jacob: Josh Laurence; playlist photo: Richard Frank

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