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We have an app!

Here at The Longest Shortest Time, we’ve been cooking up an app for you—something to have in the middle of the night (or whenever!) to make you feel a little less alone. So when you find yourself in those moments when you just want to throw your phone, click on the crying baby face icon instead. And talk to us. Or listen to each other. Or take a deep breath and find the help you need.


This app will make it way easier for you to be a part of our show.
And we’re so psyched for you to get started. So go ahead and download it. And get to know its 3 simple functions:

1. Talk
We ask a question; you answer it. We’ll feed our favorite answers back into the app for your listening pleasure. Some of your answers will wind up on our show (like here). And sometimes we’ll collect questions from *you* for a special podcast guest. (Think: sex advice.)


2. Listen
As in: listen to our entire archive.


3. Help Me
Hear a voice in your ear (from our podcast and app “talk” submissions) reminding you that you’re *not* the only person on this planet going through what you’re going through. And find the help you need in our curated resources. All organized by topic.


Android Users
We wish we had the funding to create a version of our app for you at this time. Hopefully we will one day! For now, please feel free to send us your audio submissions by email. Just say your name, where you’re calling from, and answer our burning question. Then send it to hello [at] longestshortesttime [dot] com.

Issues with the app? Suggestions for our next version?
Submit your feedback here.

In-app illustrations: Hillary Frank