The Longest Shortest Time

Call for Audio: The Birds & the Bees

Parents are rarely straight up with their kids when asked how babies are made. And even when kids hear the truth, the answer is so complicated that they often come up with their own interpretations anyway.

For our next episode, we’re putting together a collection of listeners’ responses to this question:

What has been your (or your kid’s) biggest misunderstanding about the birds and the bees?

1. Open the voice recording app on your phone. Remember that the mic is at the bottom of the phone, so hold it upside down and under your chin when you speak into it.

2. Record yourself. Tell us your first name, where you’re calling from, and then answer the question. (Tip: It’s helpful if you can leave the phone recording for 20 seconds of silence after you’re done.)

3. Email the file. Send it to hello [at] longestshortesttime [dot] com with the subject BIRDS AND BEES.

Deadline: Sunday, February 8, 2015 at midnight

Can’t wait to hear your story!

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