The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #178: Stuff We Love

Stories about family are some of the most riveting stories that you can tell — we’re here to recommend some of our favorite TV shows, movies, and books about family for you!

EPISODE #177: When Moms Run for Office

Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy shares what it was like to run for office in 2016… while pregnant with twins! Plus, what happens when we elect more moms to public office?

EPISODE #176: Scared Sh!tless

For our Halloween special, stories about when parenthood isn’t all poops and giggles. Sometimes it’s just a lot of poop.

EPISODE #175: You Up?

Your 3am bedside companion–literally! In this episode, we open up our phone lines in the middle of the night to hear what’s keeping you all awake.

EPISODE #174: The, Like, Show. Deadass Edition

Talking to teenagers is different from talking to grown-ups. We wanted to know: what advice they would give to parents?

EPISODE #173: Wanna Peek Inside Our Inbox?

The rumors are true… we have the best listeners! Andrea and Jackie share some favorite emails and comments. Plus, an update from Hillary.

EPISODE #172: Child-Free… With Children

Even though Glynnis MacNicol doesn’t have kids of her own, her life is far from child-free.

EPISODE #171: Kidtrepreneurs

Kids today have the chance to become real entrepreneurs and sell to the masses thanks to the internet. We’re going to explore who some of these kids are, what they’re selling, and how they become successful.