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Costume Contest Winners 2016

Hey, it’s our first annual #LSThalloween costume contest!
Thanks to everyone who posted pictures of your kids, or throwbacks of yourself. Here at LST, we are partial to homemade creativity and absurdity. In fact, we were inspired to do a contest in the first place because of this Instagram image from listener Kimberly Jacobsen last year.


And now [drum roll, please] here are this year’s top three winners:

The Severed Head!

#lsthalloween Very serious trick-or-treaters in 1993, but we have to consider the situation with the severed head.

— Jane Somers (@JaneSomers) October 31, 2016

Baby Weightlifter
Frida Kahlo + La Calavera Catrina (they’re sisters!)



Remember Perry from Love Yurts? My friend who dropped out of his conventional life and started teaching at a survival school? And remember how one of the things I love about him is how extreme he gets with his Halloween costumes? Here’s what he came up with this year. I think he’s outdone himself.


This is Perry’s reenactment of the chestburster scene from Alien. Cute, Perry, but I figured this getup would be impossible to wear for trick-or-treating. Nope, he says there’s a Baby Bjorn in there.

This family went all out for Back to the Future.

#halloween2016 #BackToTheFuture #LSTHalloween

— Dat Ho (@dattho) November 1, 2016

But actually, you don’t need to get fancy to be Marty McFly.
Votes for women!

This lil' suffragette made her voice heard last weekend #LSTHalloween @longestshortest

— NightHawk (@go_sverdrups) November 1, 2016

Now I want a live one of these in my garden.

Little Leigh is a #gnome for his #firstHalloween! #HappyHalloween #lsthalloween

— Lindsey Nemcek (@elnemcek) October 31, 2016

Remember Emily from My Best Friend’s Baby? She was pregnant with her second child when that episode came out. Here’s that new kid, and she’s already on the Supreme Court!

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We love this over-it sunflower.

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And this broom-obsessed kid!

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What were YOUR kids this year?
Keep on posting with #LSThalloween. We wanna see!

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