The Longest Shortest Time

Costume Contest Winners 2017

The world has felt like a scary, dark place lately. And that is why we found it uplifting that, on the scariest, darkest American holiday, so many #LSTHalloween costumes were not gory but bright and cheery. Here are this year’s winners!

The Rainbow Family
We saw a ton of sky-inspired costumes this year. One kid even went as “the whole outer space!” But the most smile-inducing had to be this family:

Photo: Marie Hart

Baby Granny
We’ve got a soft spot for babies dressed as the elderly. This little lady’s face really put her over the top for us:

Photo: Arianne Abela

Bob Ross
How can you not smile when you see the king of “happy little clouds”?

Photo: Sarah Thomas

Honorable Mentions
Big thanks to EVERYONE who submitted photos this year! Special shoutout to this family, whose kiddo decided he didn’t want to wear his dragon costume—so they turned him into a dragon *slayer*. A true Weird Parenting Win! (Ahem, reminder that it’s not too late to submit YOURS!)

Photo: Nicolle Durkee

And we just had to post this duo, who somehow went unnoticed in last year’s submissions but we were delighted to discover this time ’round!

Photo: Beth Spurgeon

What were YOUR kids this year? Did you see anything that made you smile extra hard?

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