The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #104: Uterus + Sperm

Jenna never planned to be with a woman. She never planned to have kids. But when she met Kiely, all that changed. After dating for three years, they got married. Started talking about having babies. But when you have a uterus, and your partner also has a uterus, there’s always the question of … how?


It was a tricky puzzle to solve, but Kiely and Jenna eventually got their baby.


Thanks, in part, to this guy.


There are lots of ways to start a family when you’re in a same-sex couple. Tune in to hear how these two did it. And stay tuned for next week’s episode, when the plot thickens.

How did YOU start your family?
Queer, straight, we want to hear it all. When did things go according to plan? And when did they not?


deck: Two Bird Studio 

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