The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #109: More Boobs

This episode is the second in our two-parter on boobs. But the person in today’s story prefers the word “chest.” Sage Forbes Gray identifies as genderqueer, and wasn’t thrilled as a teen when her breasts suddenly went from a AAA cup to a C.

Sage experimented with binding her breasts to have a flatter chest, and spent years performing in drag as her alter ego, 80s rockstar extraordinaire Jason Sparks.


Then, Sage became a mom, and her feelings about her chest shifted.

Producer Abigail Keel brings us the story.

How have YOU seen your life through your boobs?
Have your feelings about them changed over time? Give us the scoop(s)!

Photo credit for images of Jason Sparks: Heywood Wakefield

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