The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #112: The Fun & the Chaos, 1

My pal Kirsten grew up in Maine with her mom, her dad, and her two brothers.

Their dad, Norm, owned a couple of restaurants. There he is at the second one with a teenaged Kirsten.

Norm always knew how to find the fun in anything: throwing a secret ingredient into fried chicken; letting Kirsten play hooky in high school when she got dumped; turning a bunch of road-side weeds into centerpieces for her wedding. But, as I’ve learned from Kirsten over almost 20 years of friendship, there was a flip-side to Norm’s fun. Tune in to hear what Norm passed down to Kirsten … both the good and the chaotic.

Kirsten and me in 2007, the night before I got married

What traits have you inherited from YOUR parents?
How are you like them? What parts of them have you fought? Tell, tell!

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