The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #118: All the Feels with Rob Huebel

Actor and comedian Rob Huebel is know for playing a**holes. So when I went into this interview with him, I was expecting him to be tough to crack. Turns out, he’s a softie. I mean, yes, Rob told me to f*ck off, but our conversation really ran the emotional spectrum.

Tune in to hear Rob talk about becoming a dad at age 47, and what it was like to have his baby come early. By nearly four months.

Rob and his wife Holly Hannula had to leave their daughter, Holden, in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for a whopping 117 days—all the while worried that something could go terribly wrong with her health.

Rob and Holly with Holden in the NICU

Holden’s NICU graduation!

We don’t often hear birth and NICU stories from a dad’s point of view. And Rob talks about the start of his family with so much heart … and humor … and f-bombs … and one really well-placed fart noise … that I can’t stop thinking about this conversation. Oh, and also he used to sneak onto airplanes as a child. I think this one’s gonna stick with you guys, too.

More Rob

We love Rob’s performance as a dad getting divorced on Transparent. And as a smarmy real estate agent in I Love You, Man.

Also as a quick-tempered dad in this pre-election Funny or Die video:

And here’s the full version of the “Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man” trailer that we excerpted on the show. Rob says this is the ad that got him typecast as an a*hole.

Resources for Parents of Preemies

March of Dimes works to help prevent premature birth and improve the lives of preemies and their families.

Hand to Hold provides resources and support to preemies and babies born with special needs.

Graham’s Foundation delivers support, advocacy, and research to improve outcomes for preemies and their families.

What surprises came with the birth of YOUR child?
Especially looking for dads here. C’mon, dads, we know you’ve got interesting stuff to say!

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