The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #120: Eggs Over Freezy

Last week, we heard from Andrea Silenzi, who’s single, in her early 30s, and wants to be a mom—but doesn’t have a plan on how to get there. This week we talk to a woman who *does* have a plan: egg freezing.

My friend Sahar has a wonderfully wry sense of humor (see Instagram samples below, along with her captions).

What a cute couple

This is some bad kerning

I always enjoy hearing Sahar’s perspective on the world. And so I was thrilled when she told me she wanted to come on the show and walk me through the process of getting her eggs frozen.

So far, the closest Sahar has gotten to parenthood is caring for her elderly chihuahua, Frankie. And Frankie was there for her when she came home with thousands of dollars worth of drugs that she needed to self-inject in order to prepare for… the egg harvest. Yes, that’s what they really call it.

Tune in to find out if egg freezing turns out to be the solid backup plan Sahar is seeking.

More on Egg Freezing
Our pals behind the great website FertilityIQ have done a ton of research on egg freezing, as well as all things fertility related. If you’re considering freezing your eggs, here are some resources from them to get you started. And to find a doctor or clinic near you, use their handy search tool.

Here’s info on the cost of egg freezing and an article on how egg freezing works—including some sobering charts on egg retrieval numbers and embryo quality declining with age, like this one:

Here you’ll find suggestions on what age you should be when you freeze your eggs, plus a helpful video detailing the entire process.

And here’s an NPR story on how some Silicon Valley companies are offering an egg-freezing benefit to their employees.

What measures have you taken to manage YOUR ticking biological clock?
Maybe you’ve frozen your eggs? Maybe you’re thinking about it? Comments, please!

Correction: In this episode, we originally said Clytemnestra was a Greek goddess. She was actually the human wife of Agamemnon.

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