The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #126: When “I Do” Makes You A Parent, Too

For many of us, the word “stepparent” conjures up images like this:

Evil stepmothers. The Brady Bunch. That’s what came to mind for our guests, Jillian, Lyndsay and John, when they thought about stepparents as kids. But then they became stepparents themselves, and they realized that becoming someone’s parent through marriage is actually pretty complicated stuff. These three have very different stepparenting stories—so we invited them all to our studio for a roundtable discussion on what being in a blended family is really like.

Me, John, Lyndsay, and Jillian

Our Panel

Jillian met her stepson when he was just a toddler. Since then, she and her husband have have two biological children together.

Jillian with her family

Lyndsay started dating her husband when she was 23. He was 32. It took him a month to admit to her that he had an 11-year-old daughter.

Lyndsay and her husband, Peter

John already had a kid from a previous marriage when he got together with his wife, and she had two of her own. When they blended their families, the girls were seven, five and three years old.


John’s daughters

Tune in to hear some of the unique challenges—and surprising advantages—of parenthood when kids come to you because of who you’re dating.

What has surprised YOU about stepparenting?
We know tons of you are stepparents or have stepparents. Tell us about the challenges, wins, and unexpected perks of your blended family!

Lyndsay’s wedding photos: Our Two Hearts Photography; John’s headshot: Katie Friedman

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