The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #129: Casey Wilson, Jessi Klein and a Dinosaur Dick-Punching a Bear

Actress and comedian Casey Wilson is guest hosting this week! Remember her? She was in episode 98, talking about becoming a mom after her own mom passed away.

Well, Casey’s back! And she brought along her friend — comedian and writer Jessi Klein. Jessi’s hilarious book of personal essays, You’ll Grow Out Of It, just came out in paperback.

Jessi has also written for Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!, Saturday Night Live, and Inside Amy Schumer, where she won an Emmy for her work on segments like this:

Casey and Jessi met years ago as improv comedians. Casey was actually insanely jealous of Jessi — you’ll hear why in the show. But now, they’re buds. And now their toddler sons are BFFs.

Casey’s son Max + Jessi’s son Asher

Tune in as Casey asks Jessi all the big, deep questions she’s been dying to ask but never had time for in real life. Plus, they talk about the, um, pleasures of baby boy apparel! Hint:

© Dave Shaw

© J. Swank

Thanks to our AWESOME listeners who whipped up these wonderfully weird illustrations on the fly. We loved Emily Flake’s version so much that we made a pin out of it—and you can own it! Buy it here.

What would YOUR ideal onesie have on it?
Share your dream designs—and anything else that resonated in this episode—down below!

Image Credits: Casey and Jessi at Earwolf LA: Kevin Bartlet; You’ll Grow Out Of It book cover: design by Jennifer Carrow and illustration by Kendra Dandy; Jessi Klein headshot: Robin Von Swank

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