The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #131: Parent Spies

When I was eight, my cousin Jeff came to live with us for the summer. He was thirteen, and he LOVED to mess with me. One time, when I was singing “Beat It” along with my record player, I looked up and caught his big ol’ eyeball, spying on me through a crack in the door.

That’s the two of us, on the right. Look at this kid. My dad got him to smile for the photo, but don’t let him fool you – he was a master of being annoying.

These days, Jeff has a 14-year-old daughter. He likes to mess with her, too — mostly by way of embarrassing her in front of her friends. And it turns out, he’s also seriously stepped up his spying game.

This week, we’ve got two stories: a dad and a mom who both cross the line into spying on their teens. One parent (ahem, that’s you, Jeff) knows exactly what he’s doing. The other one finds herself spying completely by accident. We won’t tell you what she found out, but here’s a hint:

Have you ever spied on your kids?
And did you find something that you didn’t expect?

Top illustration: Andrea Tomingas of Duck Brigade; Photo of Hillary, Jeff and the fam: Richard Frank

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