The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #138: W. Kamau Bell Meets the Daughter of the Dragon

Ever since comedian W. Kamau Bell was a teenager, he’s been geeking out over Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee. Today, Kamau geeks out with Bruce’s daughter, Shannon Lee.

Bruce Lee died tragically in 1973 when Shannon was just four years old. Twenty years later, Shannon’s older brother Brandon died in a tragic accident on set while filming a movie. Shannon says her dad’s words, preserved in his journals, helped her through her grief.

Shannon and Bruce Lee.

Shannon and her old brother Brandon Lee.

Now, Shannon runs a company devoted to preserving her dad’s legacy as more than just a Kung-Fu star, but also a philosopher.

Little Shannon in her dad’s director’s chair

Grown-up Shannon at work.

Tune in to hear what it’s like growing up the daughter of a cultural icon…and how it feels when strangers know as much about your dad as you do. Plus, why Shannon’s teenaged daughter hasn’t seen all of her grandfather’s films (much to Kamau’s horror!).

Want to Out-Geek Kamau?
To learn more about Bruce’s life and philosophies, check out The Bruce Lee podcast, co-hosted by Shannon.

Study up on Bruce’s nunchuck skills by watching this scene from Fist of Fury. It’s Kamau’s all-time favorite scene from a Bruce Lee film!