The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #140: Zombies, Caillou, and Other Creepy Things

This sad little Dracula is my husband Jonathan, at age six. And to his right, dear listeners, is a seven-year-old me. In all my orange and green glory.

We had no idea back then, but one day we’d have a little spook of our own:

And oh boy, does she spook us!

In Honor of Halloween, I’m getting Jonathan on the mic for his LST debut! We’ll be talking about a few of the things that have totally snuck up on us as parents—like, the eerie similarities between me and our daughter Sasha, and her surprising taste in TV. Plus, we’ll get tips from one of the neighborhood moms about surviving a common parenting challenge in our town: zombie attacks.

Zombie kids photo: Mark Marek. Hillary as a pumpkin: Richard Frank