The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #144: The Accidental Gay Parents, 5 (UPDATE)

You guys might know this, but I rarely meet the people I interview in person. We’re usually on the phone. That’s how I’ve been connecting with Trystan Reese for the two-and-a-half years I’ve been covering his remarkable story.

A couple weeks ago, I got to finally meet Trystan face to face.

We’re all fancied up because we won an award! From the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Which is like the Oscars of radio… or, as Trystan likes to say, the Tonys.

Trystan made everyone cry in our acceptance speech. And he’ll make you cry in this week’s episode, too.

Trystan and Biff’s new baby, Leo, was born in July! So right after the ceremony, we went to my hotel room, called his partner Biff, and recorded an update to his story. It’s a mix of sad AND happy tears. As always with the “Accidental Gay Parents.”

Tune in to hear an update from Trystan and Biff about what life’s been like with little Leo, and how the whole family’s adjusting. Plus, (drumroll please) we’ll tell you which award we won!

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Biff, Trystan and Leo: Sommessa Photography. Outdoor photo of Trystan and Biff: Caitlin Lawson. Team LST + Trystan at Third Coast: Bill Healy

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