The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #149: Choose Your Own Mom-venture

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? You’d be presented with a choice. Turn to page 10, and you could wind up in a cool new dimension. Turn to page 31, and… you’d die. The end.

Our host, Andrea, feels like she’s living in one of those books right now. And she’s gotta pick what path to take toward becoming a mom—as a single woman in her thirties.

This week, we begin an ongoing series in which Andrea peeks into the lives of people who’ve chosen to become parents in all sorts of ways. We begin with a mom who did it the way Andrea always expected she would—traditional-style, with a heterosexual partner.

Meet Tory, a 32-year-old mom in the Bay Area.

Tory with her daughter Sierra

Andrea gets the scoop on all of Tory’s mom mishaps. Which—you might want to listen to those with your headphones in. Hint:

Oh, you would confuse these, too…

Plus: What’s up with Hillary?
Her story this week involves her husband… and, ahem, blue balls.

Literally, ya perv.

Tune in to hear the resolution of the blue-ball sitch and how a random lube story leads our host on a new adventure.

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