The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #150: His Id Speaks English

When it comes to languages, Sam Aarab is basically Superman. He speaks Norwegian, Arabic and English—plus a smattering of Swedish, Spanish, French… but you wouldn’t necessarily know that he had a way with words right away. For instance, here was his opening line the day he met his future wife, Caitlin:

“Uh… Hey. Give me your number.”

Fortunately for Sam, the line worked. Sam and Caitlin are married now, and they have a six-month-old son, named Eamon.

Eamon can’t talk yet–but he’s gonna. And these days, Caitlin is beginning to wish that her Superman was a little bit less, uh, “Clark Kent” about his language superpowers. She wants her son to grow up speaking Norwegian and Arabic, just like his dad. But Sam… well, he’s not so sure.

Tune in to hear a dad who speaks five languages make the case for teaching his kid only one. English.

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