The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #152: The Sisterhood of “Donor Don”

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to tell us YOUR mom (and dad)-ventures — the stories of how you went from wanting kids to having them. And… whoa, did you people come through! You told us about raising babies with your best friends, adoption, fostering, infertility… When it comes to creating a family in unconventional ways, you guys have seen it all.

One email, in particular, jumped out at us this week. It was from a woman named Tania, who’d written that Andrea’s personal story reminded her a lot of her own. At age 33, Tania realized that the relationship she was in with her boyfriend at the time was not going to result in a baby. So she decided to go it alone, and become a “choice mom.”

Tune in to hear Tania’s story—which has opened up a whole new wormhole (spermhole?) for us to fall into. Plus, Andrea confesses her secret fear about sperm banks. Hint: It involves a Donnie Wahlberg-worshipping fertility cult.

More from Tania
Tania’s been writing about her adventures in fertility and mom-hood on her blog, The UhOh Diaries.

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