The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #153: Sperm Shopping by Color

A few months ago, our show invited two couples to talk with us about babymaking while queer. This was back in Episode #114, and our guests spoke openly about how their their racial identity and family backgrounds factored into their decision-making on how to become parents.

Listening to this episode inside her car, Rosa Yadira Ortiz found herself moved to tears. She had just finished her journey to parenthood, and the process had almost broken her relationship.

Rosa is an immigrant, queer, Latina, and married to a Black woman. When she and her wife started to explore the sperm donation route, they were surprised by the complexity of the questions they were faced with — from “What kind of racial identity matters to us in a sperm donor?” to “Should we buy in bulk?”

Rosa’s twin boys

Tune in to hear what it’s like to go sperm shopping as a queer person of color with your wife. This is our second episode in a row exploring sperm donation. While last week had a little help from from Donnie Wahlberg… this week we’ll get an assist from Nina Simone.

Babymaking Resources

For everyone: Of course, LGBTQ folks aren’t the only people seeking the help of reproductive technology, and Path2Parenthood is a resource for everyone. Their site has a find a professional search to help you find legal or medical experts in your area. They also have events held nationwide.

For LGBTQ: Gay Parents To Be has resources for all kinds of queer couples at all steps of the process from legal, to financial, to medical. They also have an events and seminars page with national webinars and local events around the country.

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