The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #156: The Scary, Beautiful Teenage Brain

As a counterterrorism correspondent for NPR, Dina Temple-Raston spent years following the story of Abdullahi Yusuf—a teenager from Minnesota who, to the shock of his friends and family, tried to join ISIS.

Abdullahi Yusef

As Dina dug into his case, she realized Abdullahi’s decision-making may have had had less to do with ideology than it had to do with simply… being a teenager.

Tune in to hear what Dina uncovered about how the teenage brain works—and how the same things that lead adolescents to take extreme risks can also lead to extreme good.

Dina’s Got a New Audible Original Series
It’s called What Were You Thinking?—and it’s all about the adolescent brain. You can binge listen right now on Audible–or wait for episodes to drop each week on Apple Podcasts, starting March 30th.

Dina traveling between Paris and Brussels, covering the Nov. 13th Paris attacks

What’s Up with Hillary?, Nor’Easter Edition
This week we catch up with LST creator Hillary Frank in a new installment of “What’s Up with Hillary?” The gist: Hillary and her 8-year-old daughter were cooped up in the house together for 4 days. We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a tease:

Sasha made a cardboard car to get out of town

And… she drew an escape plan!

Kelly Clarkson somehow shows up. You’ll see.

Photo of Dina by Russell Lewis. Photo of Abdullahi courtesy of Yusuf family.

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