The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #157: Car Births, Call-In Style

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s common to take some time to write out a birth plan. (Well, more like birth wishes.) But you know what no one ever plans for? Giving birth in their car.

Bethany and Seth Mandel in their Nissan Altima. She wrote about their birth story here for The Federalist, and he wrote about it for The New York Post.

When it happens, and everyone’s okay, those parents can get really good at telling their car birth stories. So we opened up our phone lines to listeners across the country who had their babies in cars. A total of 10 callers will share their unique birth stories, and few will invite their adorable car-kin to pick up the phone.

Tune into hear everything you’ve ever wondered about babies born in cars. Plus, lots of adorable car birth-inspired baby names.

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