The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #170: Becoming a Single Dad While Trans

When CJ Kemal was growing up in Trinidad and attending an all girls school, a teacher asked the class what everyone wanted to be when they grew up.

CJ was kicked out of class for saying, “I want to be a dad.” To this day, CJ’s answer hasn’t changed.

Now a 28-year-old train driver living in South London, CJ identifies as non-binary. It’s a term used to describe a gender identity that isn’t male or female. Instead of the pronouns She/Her or He/Him, CJ uses the gender neutral pronouns They/Them.

Here’s an example sentence: When CJ was little, they’d throw a fit if their mom tried to make them wear a dress.

Tune in to hear CJ’s journey towards finding their gender identity while always knowing they want to be a dad. Plus, what happens when CJ finds out they’re going to be an uncle first.

CJ loves being an uncle.

These two!

Now that CJ’s ready to start a family, they’re wondering what it would mean to start a family on their own. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just set a deadline for them? (Muhaha! Maybe a certain podcast can help…)

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When CJ was growing up they weren’t allowed to read Harry Potter books. Too much magic. Now as an adult, their friend Arlie is making them read the entire series for the first time. Follow along on their podcast The Boy Who Hasn’t Lived.

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