The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #173: Wanna Peek Inside Our Inbox?

Remember how fun it was to check the mail when you were kid? For our producer Jackie Sojico, the fun never stopped. Every day, our listeners send her sweet, funny, and weird AF stories inspired by our show. Keep them coming! Today, Jackie and Andrea are going to share some of their favorite stories.

For example, episode #134 inspired Anna to share a story she learned about her grandma’s wedding night…

Anna and her Grandma

And we’ll hear how episode #126 inspired Brittany to tell us what it means to be step-Mexican.

Brittney’s family selfie

Tune in to hear these amazing listener stories. Plus, one of our favorite guests form the season returns! Junlei Li from the Fred Rogers Center will answer your parenting questions in the style of Fred Rogers. Some call it Freddish.

Stay tuned to the end for an exciting sneak peek! Hillary Frank will be sharing an exclusive teaser for our next episode. (Psst! Weird Parenting Wins is now available for preorder.)

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