The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #174: The, Like, Show. Deadass Edition

Longest Shortest Time’s creator and executive producer is back in the host seat today because we are trying a thing she has wanted to do for a few years now… get teens to give advice to parents! We asked you, our listeners, to send us your questions by email, social media, and also to just call us up! We taped a live panel with three New York area teenagers with Hillary moderating and Andrea in the producer booth.

Meet the Teens

Alberto Lugo is from Brooklyn, NY. He’s a dj, producer, and an intern with Miseducation, a podcast about school segregation in New York.

Molly Sailer is from Montclair, NJ, and is a member of Students Demand Action.

Quincy Blair is from Manhattan, NY, and is a member of Teens Take Charge, a student-led movement for educational equity in New York City.

Tune in to hear what our panel has to say about dating, social media, school lockdowns, toddler tantrums and, of course, pets.

Special thanks to our engineer Andi Kristens who ran the board during our live taping and to Taylor McGraw from The Bell who connected us with Alberto and Quincy.

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