The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #176: Scared Sh!tless

For our Halloween special, stories about when parenthood isn’t all poops and giggles. Sometimes it’s just a lot of poop!

We got this idea to do a whole episode on poop horror stories from you guys! We have a Facebook group for Dads who listen to our show, and for every dad sharing something stinkin’ cute from their Dad life, theres another Dad posting about something that’s just stinking.

Mollyanne and Jonathan from Athens, GA, tell us the tale of a mysterious smell.

Mollyanne and Jonathan’s poop culprit then…

…and now!

Tune in to hear what happens when you know what hits the fan!

Matt remembers when his kid heard the call of nature on a walk in the park.

And Graham tells us about a strange sound that’s been following him and his husband since they had their kid via surrogacy.

Plus, whiffs of a childhood memory haunt friend of the show, Dan Pashman of the Sporkful podcast.

Graham Reed, Robert Jones, and Alfie Reed-Jones: Root Photography. Special thanks to Andy Slater for the episode title!

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