The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #181: Must Love Fish

When Geneva was a kid, her grandparents, aunts, and uncles would remind her how lucky they were to live on their tribal lands. Geneva and her family are part of the Yurok tribe — they’re the largest Native American tribe in California with almost 5000 members.

Growing up, Geneva felt a responsibility to protect her homeland, to look out for her people, and to make sure her future kids would have a strong connection to Yurok traditions and her ancestral village of Requa.

Geneva and her grandmother

Tune in to hear Geneva’s quest to ensure her future kids’ tribal membership. There’s fish, jello shots, and a real life made-for-Disney kind of love story.

(L-R) Geneva, Rewiti, Te Maia, Ani, and Keeya

Geneva’s kids dressed in traditional Yurok regalia

In this episode, we used an excerpt from RWC flash mob Maori Haka by YouTube user kash1n21 under a Creative Commons license.

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