The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #182: When Your Uterus Wants Out

Shannon always had painful periods, but then in her late 20s the pain got extreme. Sometimes it got so bad that she’d throw up or pass out. When friends or colleagues asked her what was going on, she’d just shrug it off. “It’s only my period!”

But then Shannon got married, and suddenly her husband Chris became involved in the monthly nightmare. As her periods got worse and the hospital visits became more frequent, they knew they had to do something to break the cycle.

Tune in to hear how a hysterectomy solved Shannon’s period problems — and made it possible for her and Chris to become parents.

Baby Hudson

Baby Hudson came into their lives through open adoption. Here he is helping out at Shannon’s organic farm.

This year Shannon left her job as a teacher to start The Madison Farm in Nashville, Tennessee. If you like pictures of produce, bugs and babies, then you’ll love their Instagram account.

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