The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #191: Dani Shapiro’s Family Secret

When memoirist Dani Shapiro took one of those at-home DNA testing kits, she thought it would tell her what she already knew: that she was Jewish, just like her parents and her parents’ families. But her results revealed a family secret: one of her parents was not biologically related to her.

Dani with her dad.

As Dani started to look back at her life, she started uncovering all sorts of clues that led her to wonder – have I always known?

Tune in to hear how Dani unraveled the mystery of her parentage, and if she wishes her parents had told her the truth while they were alive.

Dani in studio with Andrea. (Photo credit: Michael Maren.)

Dani’s discovery is the subject of her new memoir, Inheritance. She also hosts the podcast Family Secrets about people who have discovered long-hidden secrets in their own families.

Dani was always the blonde sheep in her family. (Photo credit: Michael Maren.)

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