The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #193: The Qualities and Characteristics of 7th-Borns

Robby Hoffman is a comedian, actor, and writer from Montreal. She is also the seventh-born child in her family. (That’s her in the polka dot shirt, above, with 5 of her 9 siblings.)

She has this joke that she’s always meeting middle kids, eldest kids, but she’s never met another #7. She’s always wondered: is there such a thing as 7th child syndrome? Today on the show, we‘re on a mission to help Robby find out.

Tune in to hear the first ever very informal, unofficial, thoroughly unscientific investigation of #7s.

Robby (fourth from the left) with her siblings at her sister’s wedding.

You can find Robby on Twitter @iAmRobbyHoffman and on Instagram @robbyhoffman. Here’s Robby on The Chris Gethard Show doing a makeover with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski.

These are some of the #7s who Robby talked to on our hotline.

Rosie (third from the right), the youngest #7 on our hotline with all her siblings at home.

Abby (the little one in the middle) with her parents and almost all her siblings at the Grand Canyon in the 1980s.

BB (in the pink bow) with all of her siblings at home.

If YOU are a 7th-born, you can take our survey here! Here are some of our most significant results so far.

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