The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #195: Vasectomies! Get Nuts! Go Nads!

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about women’s fertility and birth control. But isn’t it about time we hear what it means when family planning is Dad’s responsibility? Today on the show, we’re talking about the birth control method for testicle-havers that’s permanent yet reversible — the vasectomy!

Tune in to hear these fun and surprising stories from our listeners that remind us that even with vasectomies, family planning doesn’t always go according to plan.

Plus, did you know that vasectomies go up by 30% around the time of the NCAA Tournament? The sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings is very aware, and came up with this promotion. It inspired the title for today’s episode, too:

Annika, Mia, and Gerald on a recent family vacation.

Danielle, Spencer, and their two kids — post-Spencer’s vasectomy.

This is the photo Sarah sent out to announce her surprise 4th pregnancy.

Sarah’s family of 6 today!

Update: We heard the story of Sarah’s surprise pregnancy in this episode. To be super clear, her husband’s vasectomy took place 17 months (!) before her positive pregnancy test.

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