The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #200: I’m Pregnant!

Today, we have a story for you from our producer Jackie Sojico. You’ve heard her a couple times before on the show. But right now Jackie wants to share some news … she’s pregnant!

We’re so excited for Jackie! But — funny story — Jackie used to feel really differently about becoming a parent. She has the proof in an interview she recorded with her husband five years ago.

Jackie and Malcolm, right after they got married!

In Jackie’s words, she was “basically terrified of being a parent.” Now, 7 months into her pregnancy, Jackie doesn’t feel the same terror.

Tune in to hear what changed for Jackie, and how being pregnant made her think about what it means to start a family, while not being close at all with her own family.

(Left to right) Paul, Claudia, Maggie, and Malcolm, in 1992.

The Rosenthals + Jackie in their matching Christmas pajamas from a few years ago.

Malcolm’s aunt Eileen (left), her husband Marc, and their kid Will in 1988. Eileen was also charmed when she married into the Rosenthal family.

Eileen at Jackie and Malcolm’s wedding.

Matt (left), in his Puritan finest, at Malcolm and Jackie’s wedding

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