The Longest Shortest Time

Episode #205: Oh, The Places You Shouldn’t Go!

When you’re a kid, your imagination can make nature even more wonderful and mysterious than it already is. You’ve probably been there: your mind starts to wander, and pretty soon things are bigger and more dramatic than they really are. And sometimes you ended up having an adventure that you would remember forever.

Tune in to hear some lighthearted, surprising stories from our listeners about childhood summer memories. We’ll hear about protective parents, distracting flowers, and a rap song that can ward off danger.

Kelley had a scary encounter with a wild creature when she was 9 years old. It sparked a lifelong family joke.

From Kelley: “The old man, before his relationship with the great outdoors (and his daughter) was forever changed.”

Kelley captioned this photo “The unsuspecting victim, a few months before the attack.”

Megan’s love for flowers and fairies landed her in unfamiliar territory, and left her wondering who to ask for help. She says, “I dunno if it’s obvious from the photo why I was so shy of calling attention to myself– suffice to say that rural New Hampshire in the 80’s was a weird place to be as a transracial adoptee.”

Young Megan

Cousins Erin and Kirsten did everything together–from making up catchy rap lyrics to getting hopelessly lost close to home. Warning: Their song might end up being your next earworm.

L to R: Erin’s sister, Carly; Erin; Kirsten

Main image photo credit: Keri Logan

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