The Longest Shortest Time

Episode #206: When YouTube Is Your Birth Coach

When Tia Freeman learned she was seven months pregnant, she responded the same way she did when her car had engine problems: by pretending it wasn’t happening. Then she went into labor. While traveling in Turkey. By herself.

Unsure of what to do, Tia used her phone to consult the internet.

Tia and Xavier

Tune in to hear how Tia made it through labor alone, everything she went through after labor, and what happened when the Turkish press got wind of her delivery.

Tia and Xavier at the airport in Turkey. Photo credit: Jakob Johnson.

Tia’s birth experience went viral around the world. Her story was later reenacted on the TV show “My Crazy Birth Story.” We are OBSESSED with this show. Their episode with Tia is one of the most amazing 20 minutes of television we’ve seen all year. After seeing it, we had to have Tia on the show.

Tia on “My Crazy Birth Story”

Xavier’s birth, reenacted

The actor portraying Tia

Tia really did deliver Xavier in a bathroom

Tia and Xavier, about a year after his birth

You can follow Tia on Twitter @thewittledemon, and see pictures of her and her son, Xavier, on Instagram @teenwitchtia.

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