The Longest Shortest Time

Episode #207: Aack! How Cathy Became a Mom

You know Cathy! Her comic strip ran in newspapers for over 30 years, starting in 1976. Her honesty about her struggles as a single working woman paved the way for characters like Bridget Jones, Carrie Bradshaw, and Liz Lemon.

When the comic strip’s creator, Cathy Guisewite, found herself single at 35 years old, she decided to tell her parents her plan: she was never getting married and never having kids.

But then, Cathy did become a mom by adopting at the age of 42. Today on the show, we’ll visit Cathy in her Los Angeles home to hear the story of what changed her mind, and to listen to passages from her new memoir, “Fifty Things That Aren’t my Fault.” Her book is raw and hilarious, just like our favorite Cathy comics.

Tune in to hear how Cathy became a mom, and the influence her own mom had on Cathy’s life and career.

The very last Cathy comic strip from October 3, 2010.

Cathy coaching her mom through the taping of her new audiobook. This is from Cathy’s incredible Instagram account, @CathyGwite.

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