The Longest Shortest Time

Episode #210: Sperm Series: I Ask a Friend

Welcome to the final episode of our special three-part series The Single Lady’s Guide to Sperm Shopping. If you haven’t heard the first two episodes, go back and find them here.

This week, Andrea’s going to consider asking someone she knows for sperm. As preparation, she talks to a woman who’s a total pro at asking guys for sperm. Then she runs down her list of possible contenders with help from her besties.

Tune in to hear what Andrea decides after she reviews this third and final sperm-donor option… DUM DUM DUM!

This episode has some fun surprises–one of which Jeff Goldblum fans will love. And you’ll hear from a few voices that are familiar to the show, too.

Mikka Minx is an artist, dancer and experience designer. She also produces wellness retreats and festivals. Visit her website to learn more.

Joanna Solataroff’s voice might have sounded familiar because she used to produce this show! You might remember her from Episode #64: Should I Have Kids? You can follow her on Twitter @Joannna.

Also featured in this episode is the 2010 offbeat romantic comedy “The Switch” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

An adorable insemination party invitation

Who doesn’t want sperm confetti?

Diane Sawyer drives some men wild with desire

Andrea’s good friend Jeff Goldblum

Andrea’s Top 3 Sperm Flicks

Made in America
This movie HOLDS UP. The sexual chemistry between Whoopie Goldberg and Ted Danson is flaming hot in a few of these scenes. (Apparently it was on the set of this movie that the two started dating.) Watch this one to help deal with sperm bank anxiety.

The Switch
Watching this one feels like watching a romcom, but with the complicated violence of someone jerking off into your chosen donor’s sperm cup? Watch for tips on how to throw a great insemination party.

The indie of the bunch. It moves kinda slow, but there are a lot of great comedic moments in here. Plus, pre-GIRLS Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky show up in a few scenes.


The Back Up Plan
Worth watching just for the scene where Jennifer Lopez attends her first meeting of “Single Mothers and Proud!” led by Melissa McCarthy.

Delivery Man
A fun watch except this one thing–for all the donor conceived children we meet in this movie, there isn’t one birth mother? It’s a weird omission from an otherwise ok movie.

Photo by Maria Mellor/Flickr

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