The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #211: The Accidental Gay Parents, 6

We last heard from Trystan and Biff—from our very popular Accidental Gay Parents series—two years ago. Trystan’s pregnancy had gone viral, and the attention was a mixed bag. Not every place treated his story with kindness. On the upside, Trystan landed a perfect new job because a recruiter heard our last episode with him. He’s the Director of Family Formation at Family Equality, which means he helps LGBTQ folks figure out how to create and sustain families.

At the same time, Trystan and Biff were adjusting to life with a newborn.

Biff, Trystan, and toddler Leo. Photo credit: Mark Pratt-Russum

Now, two years later, baby Leo is no longer a baby, and the big kids—Hailey and Riley—are navigating big-siblinghood (hint: there’s a Barbie car involved!)

Tune in for updates on the entire family—including Trystan’s top surgery and how parenthood is different when it’s planned versus accidental.

Leo (2), Hailey (9), and Riley (11). Photo credit: Trystan Reese.

Biff at the hospital with a surprise for Trystan after his top surgery. Photo credit: Trystan Reese.

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Riley, Trystan, Hailey, Biff, and Leo: Studio XIII Photography

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