The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #215: John Hodgman On Being A Villain Without Really Trying

Just a heads up, this episode contains graphic language and is not suitable for children.

If you watched The Daily Show in the Jon Stewart era, you may remember characters called the Deranged Millionaire and the Resident Expert .

Both of these characters were played by actor and writer John Hodgman—and both were elitists. So elitist, they were basically villains. John went on to build an entire career playing elitist villains in Hollywood—a job that often took him away from his family.

Tune in to hear John open up about discovering that he’s been a villain in real life—sometimes to his own children.

Fun fact: John once got on trouble on set for looking into the camera (just like he’s doing here in our studio!)

John is on tour for his new book, Medallion Status: True Stories From Secret Rooms, right now. You can find tour dates and locations on his website. Follow John on Twitter and Instagram for a peek behind the scenes.

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Check out John’s other books: Vacationland, The Areas Of My Expertise, and More Information Than You Require. John also adjudicates disputes on the Judge John Hodgman podcast.

Top: photo by Bex Finch.

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