The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #217: Busy Philipps Works the Postpartum Hollywood System

This episode contains graphic language and is not suitable for children.

Busy Philipps has been working in Hollywood since she was 19, when she was cast as Kim Kelly on Freaks and Geeks. Since then she’s played lots of sharp, quick-witted, and vulnerable characters over the years—from Audrey on Dawson’s Creek to Laurie on Cougar Town.

As an actor, Busy’s livelihood has depended on her appearance—she was expected to look good and look happy. But as a new mom going through body changes, postpartum depression, and inequity with her partner, she found it impossible to play by Hollywood’s rules anymore.

Tune in to hear how Busy fought to be a real person in a fake universe after having kids.

Busy with her oldest daughter, Birdie, as a baby

Busy with Cricket (left) as baby and Birdie

More Busy
For seven months, Busy hosted her own late night talk show, Busy Tonight, where she interviewed her celebrity friends, celebrated all kinds of parenting styles, and advocated for people of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy in a bathing suit – even to show off their stretch marks.

You can find Busy being real on Instagram @busyphilipps. Also check out her memoir, This Will Only Hurt A Little, which is full of hilarious and heartbreaking stories about family and reproductive health.

Busy’s Selfie Lessons
Busy is the queen of selfies; Hillary is terrified of them. She doesn’t know how to hold the phone, what to do with her face. In this episode, Busy gives Hillary selfie lessons. Here are some of the results.

Hillary, trying too hard to smile.

The one where Hillary looks worried.

Hillary’s take on resting bitch face.

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