The Longest Shortest Time

EPISODE #70: There’s Something About Andy

Peggy and Andrew were each other’s first crushes. They met in middle school.


Peggy was popular. Spunky. Collected friends like they were possessions.


Andrew was a loner. Carried deodorant in his pocket. Was into Egyptian history.


He drew surrealist landscapes like this:


Like most childhood relationships, Peggy and Andrew’s was full of passionate proclamations. And mind games. Ultimatums. Misunderstandings. Oh, the misunderstandings. Before high school was over, Peggy dumped Andrew. And Andrew went on a Mormon mission to Australia.

While he was away, he attempted to woo her with letters. And a flirty but misogynistic questionnaire that some of the missionaries were sending to girls back home (which, despite herself, Peggy kinda liked).


But the letters were just the tip of the iceberg. Tune in to hear Andrew’s long con to win Peggy over, in the hope of starting a family with her. And the surprise that made all of their early misunderstandings make sense.

SPOILER ALERT: Do *not* read the comments until you’ve heard the story! And if you *have* heard the story, and are looking for related resources, find them here.

CORRECTION: This story has been edited to correct an error. The line from the original version, which used to read, “While dating at a young age is not condoned in Mormon culture, girls are expected to marry by 18 or 19,” now reads as, “While dating at a young age is not condoned in Mormon culture, girls in Peggy and Andrew’s community were expected to marry by 18 or 19.”

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