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Watch: Ask a Pelvic Floor PT Anything


What: A live streaming Google Hangout video, in which pelvic floor physical therapist Debra Goldman answers YOUR questions on those weird pains you still feel long after childbirth. Leave a detailed comment on this post to ask Debra any question. And when we say you can ask anything, we mean anything. Bowel problems, urinary problems, sexual function problems. All the fun stuff. Debra will have a model of the pelvis handy, to show us why a vaginal tear can wind up making your leg hurt; why you can’t stop peeing yourself every time you laugh; why your organs feel like they’re falling out of your body when you exercise. And she’ll be explaining how most of these injuries can be healed.

Who: Hillary Frank (host, The Longest Shortest Time) and Debra Goldman (Four Corners Physical Therapy). Debra’s been a physical therapist for 25 years, specializing in the pelvic floor since 2004. If you want to get a sense of what she’s like, check out her starter kit for a pain-free sex life.

Where: Right here on this page! Embeddable link on the video above.

When: Live stream on Tuesday, February 10 at 2pm ET; archived here after that.

Why: Because you’ve lived with that weird pain long enough. C’mon, it’s time to start talking about it, right?

Now what? Leave a question for Debra! Just remember to tell us how you got your injury and what you’re feeling now. You can do this anonymously.

Photo: Amelia Martinez

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